Paul Burchard burchard@pobox.com
Fri Aug 27 00:04:00 GMT 1999

Jeffrey A Law wrote:
> The only thing stopping us from DTRT is inertia.  Both in terms of new tests
> and reorganizing the tests we've already got.
> If someone wants to start working on reorganization let's start a discussion of
> the ideas.

Trying to organize test cases by "feature" could be difficult, and
possibly even counterproductive.  Failures in software of the complexity
of GCC are often interactions between multiple features or multiple
internal layers.  The primary value of test cases, I think, is to shine
light into such overlooked corners.

Most of the test cases I submitted, for example, are interactions
between templates and other features of C++, either one of which works
fine in isolation.  I also suspect some inter-layer confusion within GCC
(because templates add complexity to the already delicate feedback
between parsing and semantics in C++).  The bug Martin squashed based on
my reports was of the latter form (member templates were not assigned
proper context info and so where not recognized as syntactically valid
template template parameters).

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