Patch to linux.h

Franz Sirl
Fri Aug 13 02:19:00 GMT 1999

At 11:01 13.08.99 , Philip Blundell wrote:
>Franz Sirl wrote:
> >I don't want to be picky here, I just keep an
> >eye on the changes in linux.h since Linux/PPC was bitten by not defining
>Ho, hum.  Linux/ARM doesn't define that either from what I can see.

Given you would work on a RH60 based system, you will have a hard time 
compiling KDE with prefix=/usr then. Without this macro g++ considers all 
system include dirs as C++ unaware and implicitly wraps them with extern 
"C", which is certainly not what you want if you have a C++ header in there 

That's why it would be a good thing to clean up linux.h and convert all 
linux platforms to the configure driven include scheme. Then we all can 
finally use linux.h as it is meant to be.


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