Patch to fix problem in building libgcc2

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Aug 13 00:47:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > I ran into the problem recently for a new port that GCC was not using
  > the newly built assembler, but instead using the installed assembler
  > and we had a flag day where the new assembler was not compatible with
  > the old assembler.
  > 1999-08-12  Michael Meissner  <>
  > 	* (GCC_FOR_TARGET): Move -B./ after the tooldir -B so
  > 	that if you are building via a one-tree build, ./as is searched
  > 	for before the installed location.  This is needed in case you
  > 	change the assembler syntax during development.
Thanks.  I went ahead and installed this.

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