x86-win32 registry lookup patch

Richard Kenner kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu
Sun Aug 8 06:28:00 GMT 1999

    I of course meant '*until `make install' adds the registry key, ...'.

Now you've lost me.  Are you suggesting that it might be a good idea to
*have it* add the registry key?

    My distribution are completely relocatable, and require *NO* extra
    configuration, via env variable or registry, other than optionally
    adding the bin directory to PATH. 

Exactly what do you do?

    Please don't treat me like someone who has no idea of the issues
    involved.  I'm beginning to feel patronized, even if that was not your

I'm sorry, but your original posting indeed suggested there were some
issues here that you didn't understand.

    I doubt if we're going to come to an agreement here. I have around 11
    bug reports since gcc-2.95 where the compiler "just didn't work", and 
    the only common item was that they all had GNAT installed. I've asked 
    them to simply delete the registry key and follow up with GNAT folks
    if they so wished. 

I see reports that go to "the GNAT folks" and none of those 11 bothered to
follow up.

But you didn't comment on my proposal, which was to disable looking at the
registry keys if --prefix was specified on the build.

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