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Alexandre Oliva oliva@dcc.unicamp.br
Mon Sep 21 00:00:00 GMT 1998

Robert L Krawitz <rlk@tiac.net> writes:

>    Here's a patch to the egcs FAQ for it to explain how to fix your code.

> The problem is that this doesn't work with a lot of compilers:

The point is that it works with egcs, and that's the egcs FAQ, right?

>   friend void bar<T>(foo<T>);

>> From a standpoint of clarity and back compatibility, I believe that it
> would be preferable to emphasize that the second form [the only one
> that is quoted] is equally legal

Well, the text states that this form is also valid and sometimes even
required.  If you don't think that's enough feel free to submit a
patch to improve it :-)

Alexandre Oliva
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