Bug report

Jason Merrill jason@cygnus.com
Fri Sep 18 18:26:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> Alexandre Oliva <oliva@dcc.unicamp.br> writes:

 > Jason Merrill <jason@cygnus.com> writes:
 >>>>>>> Alexandre Oliva <oliva@dcc.unicamp.br> writes:

 >>> Jason, may I install this test case in g++.other?

 >> Yes, but mark it XFAIL first.

 > Done.  Is it really that hard to fix?

Probably not, but I don't want new testcases to look like regressions.
Another option would be to create a new directory for pending bug reports,
so people can take one look and say "Oh, that's in g++.broken, so it's not
urgent to fix."  That might be better.


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