Reload patch v5

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Sep 17 01:04:00 GMT 1998

  In message <>you write:
  > News in v5:
  >   - Changed the representation of the life information.  Now it should also
  >     handle REG_NO_CONFLICT blocks correctly.
  >   - Changed the caller-save code to insert the caller-save insns before the
  >     needs are calculated.  This allows them to have reloads again.  After
  >     every iteration except the last one, the old caller-save insns are
  >     deleted and then replaced with fresh ones in the next iteration.
  >   - The code to fix up asms involving stack regs works differently
  >     (correctly, I hope).
  >   - Better error messages for invalid asms.
  >   - Really deleted all traces of reload_address_{base,index}_reg_class.
  >   - Incorporated most of Jeff's suggestions.
  >   - Some cleanup, comment changes, etc.
  > This patch hasn't had as much testing as the previous one.  It passes
  > "make check-gcc" on i586-linux and on sparc-sun-solaris2.6.
Note that I installed your patch to break out bug hunks of code into
their own functions.  Is this patch relative to reload before or after
I made that change?


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