Patch for missing "else true;" statements.

Kamil Iskra
Sun Sep 13 08:41:00 GMT 1998

On 13 Sep 1998, Dave Love wrote:

>  Jeff> This stuff is a problem on some 4.4bsd derived systems.
> I've used systems where it caused problems, and I hope I've got it
> right in the bits I wrote, but I wanted a decision on what to do about
> it.  I've checked in the patch to the trunk, not the release branch.

That's fine so far as I'm concerned.

I observed the installation failure on m68k-amigaos, which uses pdksh 4.9
as the default shell.

Since m68k-amigaos target is not supported by egcs 1.1b and we need to
apply a fair set of patches before compiling egcs for it, it's not a
problem for us to add just two more for the time being.

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