gnat 3.10p patches for egcs

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Sep 9 22:04:00 GMT 1998

  In message <>you write:
  > --MailNet.MIME.c0f90f
  > All
  > Here are a set of patches that need to be applied to the gnat-3.10p
  > sources inorder for gnat to be bootstrapped using egcs-19980824.
  > The 1st  patch is required to bootstrap gnat using egcs.
  > The 2nd patch is optional but does allow gnattools and gnatlib to be   
  > built.
  > The 3rd patch may not be required on some targets. Apply it only
  > if you have trouble building gnatlib due to a ICE compiling[bs].
Note you do not have a copyright assignment on file, so it somewhere
between difficult and impossible for us to use these patches to  update


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