g77 regression fix patch for 1.1 branch

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Sat Sep 5 22:56:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 199809060350.XAA17396@melange.gnu.org >you write:
  > Jeff, could you install this in the 1.1 branch?  More info is in
  > the news.texi patchlet.

  > Note that this is a minimal version of Toon Moene's recent patch.
  > Looking at the code his patch changes, I see even more fixups that
  > are probably worthwhile for the mainline.  I've lost track of whether
  > his patch was applied to the mainline -- I'd rather it not be, since,
  > although it produces a more "elegant" libg2c, it does so by being
  > "more different" than netlib's libf2c than necessary.  And the fact
  > that g77's libg2c is already different has caused bugs like the one
  > being fixed here.
OK.  I won't install Toon's patch on the mainline.

  > So, I'm going to try to make some time in the next few months to
  > better reconcile libf2c and libg2c, by sending pertinent patches
  > (and some test cases, e.g. for complex-operation overlap bugs I
  > think libf2c has that libg2c doesn't) to dmg, etc.  (dmg is the
  > maintainer of netlib libf2c.)
Sounds good.


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