PATCH Finding gas

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Sep 3 20:24:00 GMT 1998

Jeffrey A Law <> writes:

>   In message < >you write:
>> > Anybody got any clues about this? Should I hack configure to check for
>> > $LD and $AS, use them and force their full paths into the binary?

>> No!  IMO, `make install' should install links to `as' and `real-ld' if
>> appropriate.  What do you think?

> I would much prefer us encourage folks to install the various tools
> with the same --prefix.  If they do that all this stuff will just
> work.

I dislike this approach because then I cannot upgrade binutils without 
either overwriting its previous installation or installing egcs again
together with the new binutils in a separate prefix.

Perhaps `make install' should check whether `as' and/or `real-ld'
already exist in the `programs' path and, if they do not, create links 
to the versions found in the PATH.  We could even auto-detect GNU as
and GNU ld, instead of requiring users to specify them, and create the 
appropriate links in the build directories too.

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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