PATCH to implement `restrict' in C

Ulrich Drepper
Wed Oct 21 11:42:00 GMT 1998 (Mark Mitchell) writes:

> However, I did *not* use -lang-isoc9x; the driver takes this as `-l
> ang-isoc9x' and hands it to the linker.  Instead, I used
> `-flang-isoc9x'.  If this is a real problem, let me know, and give me
> a hint about how to fix it.  I don't mind the current situation; it's
> analagous to `-ftraditional'.

Do you also have a preprocessor symbol defined for this (i.e., passed
the option also to cpp/cpplib)?  The problem is that in headers we'll
have to have something like

	#ifdef __ISO_C9X__
	# define __restrict restrict
	# define __restrict

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