libobjc/ needs AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR() too, patch included

Kaveh R. Ghazi
Wed Oct 21 08:19:00 GMT 1998

	The recent patch to libf2c/ by Dave Love cures the
problem my system had finding install-sh when configuring in

	However I had a similar problem with .../libobjc and needed an
analogous change to libobjc/ for the bootstrap to complete. 

	Is this okay to install?


Wed Oct 21 11:11:38 1998  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* Use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR($topsrcdir).

--- egcs-CVS19981020/libobjc/	Tue Oct 20 15:30:33 1998
+++ egcs-CVS19981020/libobjc/	Wed Oct 21 10:52:26 1998
@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@ if test "${srcdir}" = "." ; then
+dnl This is needed for a multilibbed build in the source tree so
+dnl that install-sh and config.sub get found.
 dnl Checks for programs.
 # For ObjC we'll set CC to point at the built gcc, but this will get it into
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