Jeffrey A Law
Mon Oct 19 00:29:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > The attached test program, compiled with egcs 1.1b (and my previous
  > GCSE fix) under powerpc-linux, with 'gcc -O2 x.c -o x', abort()s in
  > f2, when it should not.
  > I'll save everyone the long discussion of what GCSE is doing to the
  > program (although this is a great example of how GCSE works).  The
  > problem is that GCSE is creating a new register, register 94 when I
  > run it, which does not have REG_USERVAR_P set:
I spent some more time looking at this.  It's an interesting problem.

I don't have time to summarize tonight though....


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