Prototyping functions in target header files

Bernd Schmidt
Thu Oct 15 03:01:00 GMT 1998

>   > Here's an updated version of a patch I sent a few months ago.  This patch
>   > makes it possible to split the various machine/machine.h files into one
>   > that contains only prototypes, and one that contains the rest.  The header
>   > that contains the prototypes is included by several source files immediately
>   > after tree.h/rtl.h.
>   > So far, only i386.h is converted, but converting the other targets is
>   > straightforward.
> Interesting idea.  I like it, though I don't like the idea of changing all
> the .c files again :-)
> Though I guess it's necessary.
> If we're going to use this, I'd like to convert all the non-target files at
> once instead of trying to do it piecemeal like we've done for some stuff in
> the past.  Yes, it's an experiment of some sorts...

So how do you want to proceed?  If you want, I can send you an updated patch
that includes tm_p.h everywhere (for some definition of "everywhere", e.g.
most of the front-end files probably won't need it and might be left out).


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