[solution for texinfo Makefiles] Re: egcs-1.1b and Solaris make

Alexandre Oliva oliva@dcc.unicamp.br
Sun Oct 11 18:14:00 GMT 1998

Jeffrey A Law <law@cygnus.com> writes:

>   In message <199810100130.SAA26305@atrus.synopsys.com>you write:
>> libiberty built fine, but texinfo uses explicit GNU Make constructs in
>> both texinfo/lib and texinfo/makeinfo, of this form:

>> Since other GNU tools have acceptable ways of doing dependencies without
>> requiring GNU make, texinfo should be fixed, I think.

> Agreed.  Anyone want to check and see if it's already fixed? Are newer
> releases of texinfo available?

This has probably happened because development Makefile.in's have been
installed in the CVS tree.  automake creates Makefile.in's with
automatic dependency tracking that works only with GNU make, until you
run `make dist'.  When you do, it grabs all dependency information and
creates a Makefile.in that contains all that data, but does not
perform dependency tracking, and therefore does not depend on GNU

An easy solution for this problem is to build texinfo then run, in the
texinfo directory of the *source* tree, run:

% automake --include-deps --build-dir=/root/of/build/tree/texinfo --gnu

automake 1.3 will complain that configure.in contains AM_GNU_GETTEXT
but the po directory is not in SUBDIRS.  I've worked around this
problem by commenting out (dnl) the AM_GNU_GETTEXT line of
configure.in, running the line above, then reverting to the original
line.  Maybe we should really remove the AM_GNU_GETTEXT line...

Should I commit the produced Makefile.ins?

>> However, I then had a mysterious problem when building libio.
>> For some reason, some files were not built.  I end with

> Well, someone forgot to run "make depend" at some point in the past.
> Worse yet, make depend wasn't working due to a typo.

Unfortunately, your run of make depend has introduced several
dependencies of libc-lock.h, but there's no such file in my build
tree.  I've re-run make depend to fix it locally, but it shouldn't
remain so in the CVS tree...  What's up?

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