libf2c declaration tweak

Craig Burley
Sat Oct 10 09:09:00 GMT 1998

>The definition is necessary with glibc2 to get a prototype (since we
>define _POSIX_SOURCE) now that tempnam gets used again.  A candidate
>for the release branch?
>1998-10-08  Dave Love  <>
>	* libI77/open.c (_XOPEN_SOURCE): Define for tempnam's sake.

Huh, well, hoping it Does No Harm, if it fixes something, I guess
"go for it".  I don't see any other mention of that macro anywhere,
though see err.c and util.c for definitions of _INCLUDE_XOPEN_SOURCE
"for HPUX".

Run-time libraries are such a pain.  Bring back control panels with
blinking lights -- this whole I/O business has got to go.  :)

        tq vm, (burley)

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