patch to remove warnings in fp-bit.c

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Oct 9 18:40:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > 	Now that powerpc bootstraps work :-) here's a patch to clean
  > up all the warnings in fp-bit.c.  In addition to the implicit int
  > warnings which were pre-approved a month ago, I got two more to finish
  > this file.
  > 	The variable `tmp' being unused *looked* like it could simply
  > be removed.  But I wasn't sure because it was in a library routine.
  > On the other hand, the function is declared static INLINE so its not
  > exported.  But I punted and used the attribute.  If its safe to nuke,
  > just let me know.
The argument can be deleted.

  >  	  /* Special case for minint, since there is no +ve integer
  >  	     representation for it */
  > -	  if (arg_a == 0x80000000)
  > +	  if (arg_a == (__typeof__(arg_a)) 0x80000000)
I probably would have just casted the value to SItype instead of relying on
yet another extension.


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