egcs-1.1.1 issues

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Oct 2 03:50:00 GMT 1998

  In message <199809191509.QAA28584@sun52.NIS.cambridge>you write:
  > > We should be thinking about what bugs we want/need to address for
  > > egcs-1.1.1. 
  > I've just installed the following two ARM-related patches on the trunk.  I 
  > think both should go into an egcs-1.1.1 release.  The first fixes passing 
  > constants by reference in the Fortran compiler (generated bad assembly 
  > code).  The second fixes handling of some memory addresses when compiling 
  > for ARM architecture 4 when the address isn't in standard canonical form.
  > Sat Sep 19 07:33:36 1998  Richard Earnshaw (
  > 	* arm.c (add_constant): New parameter address_only, change caller.
  > 	Set it non-zero if taking the address of an item in the pool.
  > 	(arm_reorg): Handle cases where we need the address of an item in
  > 	the pool.
  > 	* arm.c (bad_signed_byte_operand): Check both arms of a sum in
  > 	a memory address.
  > 	* (splits for *extendqihi_insn and *extendqisi_insn): Handle
  > 	memory addresses that are not in standard canonical form.
THanks.  I've installed these on the release branch.


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