UDK Doc patch. was: new support for SCO Universal Development Kit target

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Thu Oct 1 01:07:00 GMT 1998

  In message <19980930225833.C30661@dgii.com>you write:
  > >   > [ patch ] allows you to use EGCS to generate SCO "universal"
  > >   > binaries that run unchanged on OpenServer, Unixware 2, and
  > >   > Unixware 7.  (Hint: they also almost always run on Linux with ibcs
  > >
  > > Looks fine to me.
  > Thanx for the review, Jeff.  I've now committed those.  I'll be
  > submitting testsuite results for that target from time to time.
  > If you like, I'll adopt it as "mine" in MAINTAINERS.
Sounds good.

  > Here is the current doc file I hinted at earlier.  It'll likely change
  > as this target gets some air time, but I thought a peer review was in
  > order for initial checkin due to the funkiness of this target.
I don't think we ever hit a resolution on where the install docs should
ultimately live.  I'd say go ahead and put it in specific.html for now.  
Whatever we finally decide we'll make everything conform to.


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