exception-section patch, part 0

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Tue Jun 30 16:14:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 199806302140.XAA10515@halles.ilog.fr >you write:
  > g++ still emits exception handling code to the normal text section, thus
  > clobbering upto 50% of the CPU's instruction cache with normally useless
  > instructions. The following patch enables gcc to emit exception handling
  > code to another section.
  > This time, I've splitted the patch into small pieces. This may make it
  > easier for Jeff to review it.
A note -- I am not the right person to review this code and I will not
be looking at it.  Andrew MacLeod and Jason Merrill are responsible
for the EH support.


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