Sigsegv egcs 1.0.1 duplicated "template <..>" clause

Alexandre Oliva
Tue Jun 30 05:34:00 GMT 1998

Gregory Bond <> writes:

> The following admittedly bogus code code causes egcs to sigsev (Sun Sparc, 
> Ultra450, Solaris 2.6)

This is fixed in the latest development snapshot of egcs.  Now it
prints: redefinition of default argument for `class T'   original definition appeared here In function `void bar()': no match for `f2 & + f2 &' candidates are: operator +<digits, T>(F<digits,T>, F<digits,T>)

However, after fixing your program, the latest snapshot complains
about an invalid constructor, because it tries to use the template
constructor as a copy constructor.  I'm submitting a new testcase so
that this problem can be fixed any time soon.

Jason, where should I install testcases I submit, now that I have
write permission?  Should I create a directory such as g++.oliva and
store tests I submit there?  Or do you have plans of modifying the
structure of the C++ testsuite directory hierarchy?

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil
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