safe_from_p changes tree code

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Jun 30 00:18:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > >I would rather set/unset the tree code to ERROR_MARK around each
  > >recursive call than introduce this new accessor.  The new accessor
  > >only encourages its usage, which is ugly.  The kind of thing that
  > >safe_from_p is doing is, IMO, rather unattractive.  It's not that
  > >there wasn't a good reason for the Craig's patch, but I feel strongly
  > >that one should only look at _OPERANDs of things that are
  > >expressions. 
  > I agree.  I'm quite busy with too many things going on at the moment,
  > but if nobody else submits a patch soon, please remind me to do it.
  > (It's a pretty simple thing to do, just makes the code a bit bigger
  > and unmeasurably slower.)
Likewise.  Martin, do you want to take care of making the change?  It
ought to be pretty straightforward.


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