A library interface patch for egcs

Manfred Hollstein manfred@s-direktnet.de
Sun Jun 28 09:22:00 GMT 1998

On Sat, 27 June 1998, 20:11:56, hjl@lucon.org wrote:

 > Hi,
 > Here is a patch for egcs to encode the library interface, ABI/API,
 > in the library name.
 > The problem with the current scheme is on a given machine, we may have
 > multiple C libraries and multiple C++ compilers. As the result, we
 > cannot have one single libstdc++ to support all the combinations. When
 > we use the same libstdc++ to compile code with different C++ compilers,
 > the resulting binary may not work if the libstdc++ is not compatible
 > with all C++ compilers. With the shared libstdc++, installing a new
 > one may break the existing C++ binaries on the system if they were
 > compiled against a shared libstdc++ with a different ABI. They happen
 > quite often on Linux machines since there are libc 5, glibc 2.0,
 > glibc 2.1, gcc, gcc 2.8.1, egcs 1.0.3 and egcs 1.1.
 [patch and rationale deleted]

I really like this patch. I just tried it on Linux and there it works
flawlessly, though I think we need to add similar behaviour for other
systems like Solaris, too!

Jeff, I believe we should give it a try (tomorrow I'll test it on my
other systems and send probably additional stuff).

Thanks, H.J.


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