PATCH for using gcc_version reliably (was: Re: WORKAROUND for the new gcc_version problem)

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Jun 26 00:44:00 GMT 1998

  > OK, this is the "ultimate" patch for handling all this:
  >   1. toplevel configure defines "$gcc_version" and a new variable
  >      "$gcc_version_trigger" which is the absolute pathname of gcc's
  >      version.c file. Only the latter is passed down to subdir
  >      configures.

  >   3. autoconf based configures (e.g. gcc, libf2c) need to add code for 
  >      using this new option to dynamically evalutate gcc's actual
  >      version number; in addition they need to AC_SUBST both variables
  >      - see gcc/ or libf2c/ as an example.
Right.  Worth noting for libobjc & other runtimes that we move out of
the gcc subdir.

  >   4. Whenever gcc/version.c is touched (its content isn't actually
  >      checked, though), calling "make ..." in whatever directory will
  >      re-start the configuration process, since Makefile depends on
  >      config.status which in turn now depends on $(gcc_version_trigger).
  > I tested this in various configurations (using absolute pathnames,
  > relative names - incl. ../srcdir and ../../src/srcdir -, building in
  > srcdir, with and without multilibs), hence I'm pretty certain, that it 
  > won't break your building rules again, which I honestly apologize for.
  > Please note, the above WORKAROUND isn't necessary with this new patch.
Seems reasonable, especially if it works.  Please install it.


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