egcs CVS 19980621, warning patch part 7/7

Kaveh R. Ghazi
Thu Jun 25 12:05:00 GMT 1998

 > From: Jeffrey A Law <>
 >   > (I'm not sure about making types SFmode/DFmode in fp-bit.c be explicit
 >   > ints but that's what the message said they defaulted to prior to my patch.
 > I think this is a bug in the compiler.  Those have well defined types
 > that are not integers :-)
 >   > 	* config/fp-bit.c (SFtype, DFtype): Make type `int' explicit.
 > I think you should omit this change.  I think it's actually exposed a
 > (minor) bug in the compiler.
 > jeff

	Okay, how about adding something like the following to the testsuite?

I'm not fluent in the testsuite setup to provide a patch, but it would
probably need to be compiled with "-Wimplicit-int -Werror". 

(Also, I included all the modes I saw in fp-bit.c to be thorough.)


 > /* This fragment should not elicit a "type defaults to `int'" warning
 >    when compiled with -Wimplicit-int -Werror. */
 > int main()
 > {
 >   typedef SFtype __attribute__ ((mode (SF)));
 >   typedef DFtype __attribute__ ((mode (DF)));
 >   typedef HItype __attribute__ ((mode (HI)));
 >   typedef SItype __attribute__ ((mode (SI)));
 >   typedef DItype __attribute__ ((mode (DI)));
 >   typedef UHItype __attribute__ ((mode (HI)));
 >   typedef USItype __attribute__ ((mode (SI)));
 >   typedef UDItype __attribute__ ((mode (DI)));
 >   return 0;
 > }

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