Alias changes

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Jun 25 00:06:00 GMT 1998

I'd prefer to have this option off by default for the short term; just
call me Mr. Conservative.  I'll personally be trying it, but I'm a little
uncomfortable having it be on by default for the upcoming release.

Somewhere in the rtl/tree changes you should note that the alias set
is just an integer and does not directly correspond to a particular
type, storage class, memory location, etc.  That's a pretty fundamental
concept that needs a mention somewhere (if I missed it, then ignore my

I think we need to save/restore the current alias set # as we change
function contexts so that the current alias set # isn't scrogged
when we compile a nested function.  Even if this isn't an issue right
now we need to go ahead and save/restore the set #.  It's simple to
do, so I don't think you need to resubmit after making this change.

We've already discussed the long vs int stuff.

I think you should install the patch after making the changes noted


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