A patch for g77spec.c

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Wed Jun 24 00:16:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 199806221525.LAA06855@melange.gnu.org >you write:
  > >  > Okay, I'm confused, I thought I *had*.  Then it turns out it doesn't
  > >  > work without -B (I assume) or installing it, which is not too
  > >  > surprising, I guess.  Then somebody submits a patch that makes it
  > >  > stop working the way it's document and that's installed.
  > >Hmmm, I thought I was working from an installed toolchain.  Maybe not,
  > >hard to remember what I'm doing from day to day.
Well, it seems to work fine for an installed g77, so presumably I was
working from an uninstalled version :-)  So I think the thing to do
is revert HJ's patch to restore the behavior you wanted.

  > At least by doing this, maybe I'll inspire others to discuss and
  > maybe provide better ways of doing this overall.  That is, gcc
  > itself should support --help and --version.
It's been successfully argued that gcc should support some kind of
--help option per the GNU standards.  The trick is *how* to support
that option given the number of command line arguments that exist
in the compiler.

  > Maybe `gcc -v' should
  > just say "No input files" as usual (though maybe with a short
  > version summary), same deal for the other drivers, and maybe
  > `gcc --version' should nicely report a short version summary as
  > outlined in the GNU coding standards, and maybe `gcc --version --verbose'
  > (aka `gcc --version -v') would then be needed to get the long
  > version `g77 -v' has been long reporting.  These are just some
  > suggestions though; in the meantime, at least having egcs-g77
  > be compatible with official-g77 seems reasonable.
This might be overkill.  I don't have a strong opinion either way.


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