PATCH for new flag `--enable-libs-in-libsubdir' (was: Re: PATCH for installing runtime libs/headers in $(libsubdir) (was: Re: How to get top-level library installed in lib/gcc-lib/...? ) )

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Jun 24 00:16:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  >  > Anyway, right now I'm tempted to recommend against this patch, though
  >  > maybe we could have some configure option to enable this behavior? 
  >  > (or document better how to make existing configure options do the
  >  > same thing).
  > OK, this patch adds the new configure option `--enable-libs-in-libsubdir'
  > (do you know a better name?), which is disabled by default
  > (== current behaviour). Enabling it has the following effects:
Maybe --enable-version-specific-libstdc++?  Since what it's doing is
allowing us to keep a set of libstdc++ includes & libraries for each
specific version of the compiler.  I'm not particularly fond of either,
so use whichever one you like.

Could I suggest you also submit a change to the configuration instructions?


Since this is a new option it should note that it's only available for
egcs-1.1 and later releases.

Otherwise it seems quite reasonable and should be installed.



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