fix for libf2c installation
Tue Jun 23 01:30:00 GMT 1998

On Mon, 22 June 1998, 23:53:43, wrote:

 >   > Manfred, does this make sense?  Could you consider doing it if you
 >   > understand the relevant bits of top-level configure?  Feel free
 >   > to fix up the gcc, g77, and libf2c configure/Makefile stuff accordingly
 >   > (e.g. the gcc configure would have to substitute the $(libsubdir)
 >   > macro as well in the gcc Makefile it builds, right?).
 > Agreed.  Fixing it once and for all would be good :-)  The only thing
 > to be careful about would be setting "version" in a subdir that
 > has its own notion of version #s (libstdc++, or any non-egcs package
 > like binutils that someone might put in the egcs tree to set up a
 > single tree build environment).

Well, this is actually one of the next issues I thought of ;-) Once
I'll find some time, I'll send a patch for this.

BTW: nobody did comment about my `PATCH for new flag
     `--enable-libs-in-libsubdir' which I've sent last Saturday
     < >;
     Jeff, what do you think, is it OK to give it a try?


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