PATCH for g77.exp

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Jun 18 22:03:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > This one sent me down the wrong path.  I was just tinkering with EGCS
  > on a new computer with a beta OS and was playing the traditional "gotta
  > build EGCS before you can build anything else, but you have to have
  > a functional everythign else so you can build egcs" game.  I spent a
  > long time looking for errors related to the new installation.  I think
  > instead I just found a case where the recent G77 library renaming change
  > didn't get propogated down and most people (myself included) just still
  > happen to have copies of the old libf2c.a laying in the "right" place.
  > It seemed a little wierd that "libf2c/" contains "libg2c.a"2c.a", but
  > I confirmed that's the way it is right now...
  > Dave, Craig, or other G77 wizards, does this change look right to you?
  > Thu Jun 18 11:17:45 1998  Robert Lipe  <>
  > 	*lib/g77.exp: Replace search for libf2c.a with search for newly
  > 	renamed libg2c.a
Looks good to me.  Particularly since Craig endorsed it :-)

Please install this change.


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