ppc patch

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Wed Aug 26 00:29:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 9808230341.AA32574@marc.watson.ibm.com >you write:
  > 	We need to change the 'o' constraint to 'm' for the
  > movdf_softfloat32 pattern.  The only way I see to do that safely is to
  > extend GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS so that DFmode indexed addresses are not
  > allowed if soft-float and not 64-bit.  That should make the proposed
  > change safe for the pattern in question.  The movdf_hardfloat32 pattern
  > also uses 'o' constraint, but 'm' is valid for FPRs so reload has a
  > solution.
  > 	I think that this same failure mode can occur for movdi_32, so we
  > probably should not allow indexed addressing for DImode and not 64-bit
  > either.  Then we can make the same 'o' -> 'm' change there.
Sorry not to respond earlier.

Yes, this seems quite reasonable.


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