Patches to the FAQ and the fatal error messages for guiding bug-reports better

Hans-Peter Nilsson
Tue Aug 25 02:38:00 GMT 1998

> Have we accepted that the entire EGCS community is web-enabled?   I don't
> have any difficulty with that concept.

Well, the URL is just the last line of defense, if they have a hard time
locating the info-manual or the BUGS file, which may not even be feasible if
the info pages were not installed (in the right place) and the source removed
after the installation.

Maybe there could eventually be an autoresponder address that responds with
the right manual section if some keywords are missing in bug-reports (maybe
another bugs-address that is *only* advertised in those fatal messages).

> s/org/com/

Oops.  Bad brain!
I also miscapitalized the "Bugs" section as "BUGS" in one place.

> > +   <li>Preprocessed output of the source file that caused the compiler error
> > + </ul>
> I have mixed feelings about this, having just earlier in the day
> corrected a testcase bug that was a direct result of this.  OTOH, it's
> probably easier for us to deprocess (that's the opposite of preprocess :-) 
> the system headers back out of the file than it would be for us to
> get users to synthesize reduced testcases....

No, that's not feasible.  They most certainly have their own include files
(which would be missing) or maybe even haven't seen the whole source, and so
don't know that there *is* an include lurking there.

> > + <p>All this can normally be accomplished by mailing the command line, the
> > + output of the command, and the resulting `<tt><i>your-file</i>.i</tt>' for C,
> > + or `<tt><i>your-file</i>.ii</tt>' for C++, corresponding to:
> > + 
> > + <p><tt>egcs -v --save-temps <i>all-your-options</i> <i>your-file</i>.c</tt>
> Could this be simplified to something like "... accomplished by adding   
> --save-temps to the command line, running the command, then sending the 
> generated .i  and the full command issued to..."

No, then they would have to find the system type and egcs version by other
means and remember to include it.  This description seemed to me the simplest
way to accomplish this.

brgds, H-P

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