[PATCH] problem with static variables in template functions

scott snyder snyder@d0sgif.fnal.gov
Wed Aug 12 22:12:00 GMT 1998

>>The egcs 1.1 test version appears to mishandle static variables
>>in template functions on Digital Unix.

>I'm not sure that this patch is correct. The default linkage for an
>inline function is internal, rather than external.
>Inline functions with internal linkage are allowed (required?) to have a
>different instance of any local static variables for each translation
>unit that uses the function.

Hmm... After studying the spec a bit more, i think this is probably
correct.  I therefore withdraw my patch.

(It still strikes me as somewhat surprising behavior, as i generally
wouldn't expect changing whether a function is inline or not to change
the behavior of a program, unless you're doing something like comparing
function pointers.  And it's a little annoying that of the four or so
compilers i tested when trying to decide whether to rely on this,
all of them apparently got it wrong.)


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