problems with cvs -z9 update

Alexandre Oliva
Mon Aug 10 13:12:00 GMT 1998

Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:

> Again, thanks for the hint. Done.  (Interestingly ./configure does use
> -o as well!)

I'd call that a bug :-)

>> I don't think the `-A' should be here; it defeats the purpose of
>> egcs_latest_snapshot, for instance

> Indeed I thought about it and my idea was that for new users it might
> be useful. I have now made this easily configurable in my local version:


How about:

if test x"${1}"x = x"--nostdflags"x; then
    set -- -P -d ${1+"$@"}

then call cvs as:

cvs -q update ${1+"$@"}

Then you could call:

contrib/egcs_update -r egcs_latest_snapshot


contrib/egcs_update -A

or even:

contrib/egcs_update --nostdflags -P -r egcs_1_1_branch gcc/testsuite

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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