What is the compiler option to dump ranger data ?

Toon Moene toon@moene.org
Tue Nov 14 21:48:28 GMT 2023

On 11/14/23 22:45, Jeff Law wrote:

> On 11/14/23 12:01, Toon Moene wrote:

>> I have looked at all manner of *range* files in the source directory 
>> and common.opt, but I cannot figure out what the command line option 
>> to gcc is that triggers the dumping of range information (that is 
>> clearly possible, because the code in the "range" files is there).
>> What have I overlooked ?
>> [ BTW, I am trying to figure out why - Fortran - complex c; real r; 
>> print*, r * c - needs -fno-signed-zeros to throw away the excess 
>> multiplications and adds in the complex multiplication ]

> Probably the best way to think about this is Ranger is a module that can 
> be used by various passes.  So the Ranger dumps will be in the pass 
> dumps for those passes which utilize Ranger.
> The heaviest user is vrp and if you wanted to see what ranges Ranger 
> discovered, the vrp dumps are a good place to look.
> jeff

Thanks - that certainly explains what I saw in the source code.

I get on with this the coming weekend, as I have more time ...

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