-Wpsabi: to keep or not to keep?

Paul Smith paul@mad-scientist.net
Sun May 22 19:05:55 GMT 2022

Upgrading my environment to GCC 11.3 (from GCC 10.2) I'm seeing these
new warnings:

Omega/Optimizer/EstimatorImpl.cpp: In member function 'virtual
std::pair<double, double>
Optimizer::EstimatorImpl::hashMaterializationCost(double, double, const
Quantifier*) const':
Omega/Optimizer/EstimatorImpl.cpp:1339:101: note: parameter passing for
argument of type 'std::pair<double, double>' when C++17 is enabled
changed to match C++14 in GCC 10.1
 1339 |                                                               
const Quantifier* inputQuantifier) const

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