compile time of code using long tuples

Jonathan Wakely
Fri May 13 18:24:01 GMT 2022

On Fri, 13 May 2022, 19:16 Jonathan Wakely, <> wrote:

> On Fri, 13 May 2022, 19:13 Foelsche, Peter, <>
> wrote:
>> I'm the author of some software which dumps out C++ code to be compiled
>> with g++.
>> This code sometimes contains many different and many long tuples. I
>> deduced that long tuples cause rather long compile times.
>> I already wrote some compression, which collects identical entries in
>> such a tuple and moves them into an array.
>> But this compression reduces (run-time) performance.
>> I already wrote different tuple implementations, and one of the compiles
>> much faster than the regular provided std::tuple.
>> What could be the criterium for such a tuple implementation, which makes
>> g++ take more or less compile time assuming the same code using this tuple?
> Identical object layout on all targets, meaning size, alignment,
> base-class order, etc. It needs to be ABI-compatible.

I interpreted the question as asking what would be needed to replace the
existing std::tuple. I guess you mean what aspects of the implementation
affect compile time.

The number of template instantiations, and the number of overload
candidates for name lookup are probably important.

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