libjava configure fails on finding no C compiler in $PATH despite gcc being present

Wed May 11 06:35:26 GMT 2022

Never mind, the issue when away when I deleted libjava/libltdl, which
wasn't really necessary as far as I can tell because libltdl ships with
libtool which is already a dependency for compiling gcc.

On Wed, May 11, 2022 at 3:59 PM Zopolis0 <> wrote:

> All of the relevant M4sh Shell Functions in other configure scripts in gcc
> were either added along with the rest of the directory or date back
> to 22e052725189a472e4e86ebb6595278a49f4bcdd, which did not make notable
> modifications to the scripts, which leads me to believe that
> there might be something overriding or blocking the creation of these
> functions in libjava/ and libjava/libltdl/ I
> also have a suspicion that the reason classpath works is that it was
> designed to be a standalone library from gcc.

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