libjava configure fails on finding no C compiler in $PATH despite gcc being present

Wed May 11 05:59:36 GMT 2022

All of the relevant M4sh Shell Functions in other configure scripts in gcc
were either added along with the rest of the directory or date back
to 22e052725189a472e4e86ebb6595278a49f4bcdd, which did not make notable
modifications to the scripts, which leads me to believe that
there might be something overriding or blocking the creation of these
functions in libjava/ and libjava/libltdl/ I also
have a suspicion that the reason classpath works is that it was designed to
be a standalone library from gcc.

On Wed, May 11, 2022 at 1:53 PM Zopolis0 <> wrote:

> On further analysis, the reason it cannot find gcc is almost certainly
> because it is missing certain M4sh Shell Functions, specifically the lack
> of "as_fn_executable_p FILE" is what is causing it to fail, although other
> missing functions include "as_fn_exit STATUS" and "as_fn_set_status
> STATUS". Curiously enough, these functions are present, although commented
> out, in the config.status section of configure (the libjava one). Running
> config.status does not replace the functions nor solve the issue. However,
> these functions are present in the classpath configure script, and that one
> works perfectly. (Note: I am working on the mster branch instead of the
> msterstable one:

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