hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 bootstrap comparison failure gcc 11.3.0 and 10.4.0

Matthew R. Wilson mwilson@mattwilson.org
Fri Jul 22 03:17:27 GMT 2022

Hi Dennis,

On 07.19.2022 17:25, Dennis Grevenstein via Gcc-help wrote:
>I have tried to build either gcc 10.4.0 or 11.3.0 on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11.
>Both produce the same error and fail at the comparison step:
>I am using gcc 9.5.0 to bootstrap:
>GNU binutils are 2.21.1. I have also tried updating just GNU as to the
>latest 2.38, but that makes no difference.

Seeing your message come through the list piqued my interest, so I
pulled out the c8000 workstation again and installed HP-UX 11v1 on it.

Not directly helpful to your present problem, perhaps, but as a data
point, I was able to successfully get all the way to a working
gcc-12.1.0 starting with nothing but the HP ANSI C compiler.

Starting from an 11.11 HP-UX and HP C installation, with Support Plus
2009-12 patches, I was able to:

- With CC="cc -Ae +DD64" to get a 64-bit toolchain
- build GNU make-3.82
- build binutils-2.14
- build gcc-3.4.6

Using that gcc-3.4.6, I could build:

- gawk-3.1.8
- binutils-2.25.1
     (the last that builds before we have stdint.h available)

Then, using the HP ANSI C compiler (*not* the gcc-3.4.6 we built, it
will generate code that can't be assembled due to incorrect handling of
very large switch statements):

- gcc-4.7.4
     (in-tree gmp/mpfr/mpc build failed during stage 2, so I
     built my own first)

Using that gcc-4.7.4, I was able to build gcc-10.4.0 successfully
(in-tree gmp/mpfr/mpc worked this time).

With gcc-10.4.0, I could build:

- texinfo-6.8
     (because the latest binutils build seems to require texinfo even
     though it claims it doesn't if you don't need to regenerate the
- gawk-5.1.1
- make-4.3
- binutils-2.38
- gcc-12.1.0
     (but see https://gcc.gnu.org/pipermail/gcc-help/2022-May/141628.html; I
     needed to comment out lines 756-757 in c++tools/server.cc just like I
     did on HP-UX 11.23)

All intermediate GCCs were with --enable-languages=c,c++; the final
gcc-12.1.0 was with --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran.

No exotic configure flags for any of them, just the usual --with-gnu-as,
--with-as, --without-gnu-ld, --with-ld, --disable-nls,

So... perhaps something suspect gcc 9.5.0? If you have the HP ANSI C
compiler available, perhaps you can take a path similar to mine and
build up from scratch. If you don't have the HP compiler, the GCC
Platforms notes indicate it may be possible to start by using the
built-in K&R C compiler in HP-UX to build gcc 3.3 and start working your
way up from there.


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