Compiling gcc-3.4.6 on sparc Solaris 9

Daniel Santos
Wed Jul 13 18:54:29 GMT 2022

Hello community,

I am trying to build gcc on Sparc Solaris 9.
So far I am creating a directory sibling to the source distribution directory and running configure from there.
One thing I don’t understand is why the base configure script does not descend automatically to the gcc subfolder.
I have to go in there and run configure again.

While running configure with the command line : ../../gcc-3.4.6/gcc/configure —with-gnu-as —with-gnu-ld
and then make : it builds the files and when it gets to running ld I get the error :

/usr/local/sparc-sun-solaris2.9/bin/ld: target elf64-sparc not found

I am building this gcc with the same version installed via sunfkeeware packages.
The reason for building it is that I need objective-c support and the package does not have it.

This ld error indicates that the ld executable being run is from solaris, and not the gnu one I have in /usr/local/bin/ld

Can anyone shed some light on this ?

Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos

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