How to create gimple_build_call

Martin Sebor
Thu May 13 22:46:34 GMT 2021

On 5/7/21 5:49 PM, Mato Grin via Gcc-help wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to ask you for your help.
> We are creating a plugin, which is inserting some statements into compiled
> code. Plugin is working on GIMPLE representation. Under some conditions we
> need to stop execution of runnig code.
> We want to insert builin abort() function.
> It should be done with gimple_build_call (tree fn, unsigned nargs, ...)
> But we don't know how to create tree fn referencing abort() function.
> Could you help us, please?
> Or do you have some other or better idea how to stop runnig code? We were
> thinking about error trapping/throwing, but we couldn't find anything about
> this in documentation.

The path isolation pass (gcc/gimple-ssa-isolate-paths.c) inserts calls
to __builtin_trap(), as does Address sanitizer (gcc/ubsan.c).  The setup
should be pretty much exactly the same as for __builtin_abort() so I'd
follow those examples.


> Thanks in advance.
> Mato

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