partition function into cold and hot function by using __builtin_expect

Xi Ruoyao
Thu May 6 20:49:00 GMT 2021

On Fri, 2021-05-07 at 00:12 +0800, 陈云星 via Gcc-help wrote:
> In my test : < 
> It seems [[likely]] and [[unlikely]] just have same effective like
> __builtin_expect;
> Will not split function into cold function and hot function ( which
> __attribute__((cold)) on callee function can do so).

In your test case, if the compiler split out a function for unlikely
branch, there will be no performance gain at all.  If the compiler just
transform it into two separate functions blindly, the behavior will be a

A famous quote:

> All optimizations are transformations, but not all transformations are
> optimizations.

Segher replied that GCC is already optimizing on this.  You can run
objdump -t on some "real-life" binaries (they are large enough so the
optimization will really make some difference, for example
/lib/ and find some functions with name "xxxx.cold", which is
the "cold" function seperated from the normal one.
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