Can help with task of language frontend cleanup

pawel k.
Thu Mar 25 09:41:18 GMT 2021

Not sure which list is right. I have ideas for code improvement for gcc.

Idea1 langhooks cleanup

It basically involves clean up of lang hooks. Closing it in special class.
Might help to clean up massive defines etc spurious langhooks declarations
amongst others and removing some hooks from hooks.h/c and langhooks.h/c.
Also in this solution wed gain some cputime by not calling langhooks via
func pointers.

Idea 1a multiple langhooks in single binary. Choosable in runtime.

Ideally will allow compiling in multiple frontends in single binary and
choosing in runtime which lang front to use.

It doesnt seem very difficult just quite laborious. If anyone is interested
in such improvement please authorize me to branch off. Ill drop my changes
there. Will need help with extending build system/configure/makefiles.

Idea2 multiple targets in single binary choosable at runtime.

With those two tasks we will gains some modularity maintainability better
architecture and more on par with llvm/clang features.

Ps. Gcc target list is great. Love and respect it.

Best regards,
Pawel Kunio

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