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Dallman, John
Wed Mar 10 10:12:42 GMT 2021

> I am a French PhD student who works with dSPACE. This board uses GCC 3.3.5 compiler.

Is that the same dSPACE GCC described here?

GCC 3.3.5 is really quite old. The manual for GCC 3.3.6 ( is copyright 2003. If dSPACE is really using that old a GCC, that's rather worrying for automotive applications, because GCC 3.x lacks the -fstack-protector family of options, and hence can't compile with stack buffer overflow protection. So you would not be working with a compiler that allowed basic anti-hacking protections, which is not what's required for automotive work.

You might do better to contact dSPACE, tell them you’re using their boards in a doctorate project, and asking which compilers you should use.

John Dallman

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