gcc-10 branch builds out version 12 ALL THE TIME ?

LIU Hao lh_mouse@126.com
Mon Jun 28 11:53:40 GMT 2021

在 6/28/21 9:46 AM, Pei Jia 写道:
>     /➜  gcc git:(gcc-10) ✗ git remote -v/
>     /origin    git://gcc.gnu.org/git/gcc.git (fetch)/
>     /origin    git://gcc.gnu.org/git/gcc.git (push)/
>     /➜  gcc git:(gcc-10) ✗ echo "$(git branch -vv)"/
>     /* gcc-10 461f937b472 Daily bump./
>     /  master 461f937b472 [origin/master] Daily bump./

Note both your local branches `gcc-10` and `master` point to `461f937b472`, which means that your 
`gcc-10` is a copy of `master`. Building on your working tree has the same effect as building on the 
master branch, which of course gives you GCC 12.

In order to build the desired GCC 10 branch, you can either checkout `origin/releases/gcc-10`, or 
make your local `gcc-10` point to `origin/releases/gcc-10`, throwing away any changes, with

   git checkout gcc-10       # `git switch gcc-10` is recommended
   git reset --hard origin/releases/gcc-10

Best regards,

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