Successfully your INVOICE No:-//HGE025889R //

john har
Fri Aug 20 17:21:36 GMT 2021

*# Invoice no*


Dear user

Your order for I phone 11 pro max (128GB)*GREEN* from Tulip international
on Amazon has been successfully processed and dispatched.

The *charges* sum will be reflected inside next 24 to 48 hrs in your
account statement for your order.

v  Product *description*:

Ø   product name:  iPhone 11pro max

Ø  Oder date           :20th august 2021

Ø  Delivery  date : tomorrow

Ø  Amount                     : $906.56USD

Ø  Payment method: auto debit

If you wish to cancel *this* order or make any changes feel free to contact
our billing department as soon as possible

You can reach us on  + 1 - (888) – (279) - (9764).



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