Question, using gcc, forum.

Fri Sep 4 22:49:46 GMT 2020

I am looking for a "forum" where I can find help in learning programming c.
Because the "manual" doesn't look great for me.

For example:
- Where is C manual ?

Why there ?

For example:

My description for an example of building a bicycle.
This looks like a description of the components that make up the bike.
I am especially concerned that the manual shows the gear, but it does not show if it is part of a larger set and where it is on the bike.
But maybe I am too stupid or blind because I do not see the tutorial on how to build a programs.

For me, this is archeology in which I try to deduce something sensible from the ruins and sand.

That's why I need someone who can help me get through the beginning a little.
Especially since the language is constantly evolving. Programming security too. And maybe someone has some programming advice on my own blog that I can't find in internet.

Especially since after at least a year of bash scripting experience, I don't think you need to read the documentation from start to finish to memory. Because I only use part of it. However, all knowledge must be in the form of an encyclopedia/wiki, where I am looking,  found and used in the program.

Of course, expanding knowledge is important, probably everyone knows.
There are more tutorials, and it's easier to do something about it. But I don't think I can handle other languages.
Especially that the English language is not always easy for me.
However, I also believe that most simple tutorials do not teach programming either.
- There are often simple examples, but it doesn't say how to find the main documentation.
- There are often simple examples, but it is not written on how to simply debug a program.
This is important because bash scripts are often simple (in a different sense),
 that is, they provide error-free operation and when an error occurs it is hard to find the cause. The syntax itself, for example, sed is not always easy to understand.
But it's all easy to check in the terminal,
when you know that you can, for example, add a line to the code displaying the contents of the variable before and after the job / command.

It is hard to learn by reading dry knowledge and without seeing examples.

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