GCC created for multi-core execution?

Carsten Troelsgaard53c@live.dk
Tue Sep 1 23:00:59 GMT 2020

Hi GCC creators,
I don’t think that I can find this question in the manual so I grip your mail instead.
I’ve used GCC as inside Codeblocks for ~20 years .. and there’s no sign for me stopping anyday soon. My program does have enough compile-time to tempt a quick tobacco-break .. so I’m on the lookout for a quicker pc. To that end I wonder if I can blame GCC for investing in a multi-core pc .. ? I figure, that GCC must have been programmed with multi-threading to take advance of the multi-core pc’s ?
Anyway, whatever I buy, I’m sure it’ll be much faster than my present & ancient pc .. just trying to figure out what improvement to expect.
I could probably do something by structuring my code properly, but the ’to-do’s doesn’t seem to have any end.

Wjth respect
Carsten T

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